Issa Sow and Issyra Art Gallery

by Cameron Boyle and Christine Scott

Issyra African Art Gallery is located in a former leather factory at 300 Observer Highway. Much like “the SOHO of old”, factories in this area of Hoboken have been converted into artists’ studios and galleries. These precious real estate locations are always under threat of being bought for big condo development.
Issa SowIssyra is a large ground floor warehouse space dedicated to traditional and contemporary African Art, and to showcasing emerging artists of every kind. It has the unfinished feel of an industrial building yet gets cozy with “living room” areas and open jam sessions every Friday and Saturday night. Owner of the gallery, Issa Sow, enhances these nights with a magic touch on lighting, sound system and lounge areas for optimal spectating and conversational pleasure. Issa is a native of Senegal and lived for many years in France. He has a unique socially conscious vision which brings together international performers and multi-media artists to network, jam and dance. Thus weekend nights the gallery transforms into a truly sublime and magical place. You feel transported to another world where LOVE of ART and PEOPLE reigns supreme, rather than the love of commercial transaction. Issa's is the kind of "underground movement" that the whole world is craving ABOVE GROUND. See our interview of Issa:


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