Harlem Oscar Boycott Party

by Cameron Boyle

The Oscar Boycott Party in Harlem was initially Christine's and my brainchild, but it was our coalition with Harlem filmmakers, entrepreneurs, artists, and Shrine World Music Venue that made this expression of social and artistic justice happen. The primary collaborators of the event seen in above photo left to right: Price-Mars Delly of Ideacoil.com, Cameron Boyle of Cultsha.com, Christine Scott of Cultsha.com, Nadhege Ptah filmmaker, Lisa Durden TV Personality and Laurent Delly of Ideacoil.com (photo courtesy of tonyturnerphotography.com). Feel the motivation behind the event with this great trailer my partner Christine Scott made:

And to get my recap of the event after it happened, see this video made by my Nigerian brother Chams Linkpon of Chegoun Production:

PtahThe most rewarding part of the party was the diversity of community that came out to support and have their voices heard. And the most beautiful part of the diversity was the youth. There was 13 year-old Kyro Mills who had a table of Afrocentric statuettes he was selling to earn money for tennis camp this summer. And there was Nadhege's son who played djembe accompanied by the African dance moves of his little sister. And a little later she was on stage leading the dance floor zumba-style to the music of DJ Soul Selector. That was MY favorite part of the event! Another highlight for me was the Ptah award (Ptah being the Egyptian God that Oscar himself is modeled after) which we gave out to "our winners" in 4 categories of films that SHOULD HAVE been nominated (Concussion, Beasts of No Nation, Creed, Straight Out of Compton). Attendees voted through Ideacoil.com and gathered around the stage as celebrity blogger Lisa Durden read the names of the Ptah awardees: “Best Actor: Will Smith. Best Supporting Actor: Idris Elba. Best Director: Ryan Coogler for Creed. And Best Picture: Beasts of No Nation. Check out the articles on the event and more photos courtesy of Tony Turner:
AmsterdamNews.com, NewRepublic.com, NYCityLens.com






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