Pedrito Martinez

Almost a year ago, Pedrito Martinez became the "artist in residence" at Subrosa, a then new World Music lounge located in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. Almost instantly Martinez attracted a loyal following, becoming the cultural ambassador of New York's Afro-Cuban music scene. Although Subrosa showcases live music nightly, Pedrito and his band introduced New Yorkers to a unique blend of jazz, Afro-Cuban percussion and Latin rhythms. Martinez can now travel back and forth to his homeland, introducing Cuban musicians to his Latin jazz fusion sound while devoting himself to his roots as a Santero in the Afro-Cuban religion, a commitment that he never lost site of once he moved to New York and became the Afro-Cuban music ambassador.

Other than his infectious voice, unbeatable triple-conga playing and bata drum mastery, what we love most about Pedrito is his commitment to "share and give back". One night, after a spellbinding set of Cuban jazz and rumba, he invited some music students from Brooklyn to come up and jam with him for a few songs. Another night, some members of the most famous old-school Puerto Rican band El Gran Combo were in the house. Pedrito introduced them and invited them to share the stage. With his huge boyish smile and dimples, his graciousness says, "Hey, it's not all about me. It's about who's come before and who's yet to come.....let's do this together!"

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