Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca

We have been following Ricardo Lemvo and his band Makina Loca for two decades. His music uniquely blends some of our favorite African and African Diaspora music---Congolese, Brazilian and Cuban---the result being an irresistible urge to get up and dance. And Ricardo is HOT! ....charisma and sex appeal galore! The way he feels the music, moves on stage, and interacts with the audience, puts a smile on every face, a light in every heart, and a bounce in every body.

Recently, his band Makina Loca ignited Prospect Park with their infectious pan-African beats. Backstage we had the honor of helping Ricardo wrap his locks in a bright orange scarf just before he hit the stage. He had an instant rapport with the crowd. And people were on their feet immediately, dancing to songs that combine salsa, soukous and kizomba.

Ricardo is of Angolan descent, but he grew up in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He came to the states at age 15 and excelled in his education through beginning a law degree. But this ambition coincided with his growing popularity as a musician, and he soon dedicated himself fully to his music career. Ricardo derives a lot of joy and fulfillment from helping people dissolve all of life's stress when they listen and dance to his music. His music's positivity and celebration of life is the best therapy imaginable.

Our favorite music video of Ricardo's is Mambo YoYo; check it out. And his latest albums are a great place to start if you don't already own his music. Try "Retrospectiva" from 2009 which features his most popular songs since 1996, and get ready for a sensual rhythmic odyssey in his "La Rumba SoYo" which came out in 2014.